Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let the games begin.

I just caught up with my neighbour, who is in the last few weeks of pregnancy.  You know, that joyous stage, where you can still leave the house, without it being a military operation.  Given, yes you do have to orchestrate it all with a weight wedged between your bladder and ribs.

Talking to her about packing hospital bags and what brand of wipes to use, got my brain ticking into over drive.  It took me straight back to those moments when I was sitting in the afternoon sun.. watching Ninja kick my innards with a David Beckham like enthusiasm.

What would I have told 38 week pregnant me?  

I read this awesome post the other day.  Go on.  Go read it.  I'll wait.

Good, huh?

How do you encapsulate all that you have learnt in parenthood.. into just one sentence?  Without scaring anybody.  

As Ninja lapped our table driven purely by the sugar from her babycino, I wondered.  What is the best advice to give a ready to pop parent? 

::  This time, is precious. Never again, will your house be this quiet.  Ever.  Embrace this time.  You know how you can pee in peace?  That. Is. Sacred.

::  I heard this piece of advice just recently, I loved the idea.  Get you and your partner to write a letter to each other.  say nice stuff. Seal them.  Pop them in a safe place.  

Now, I don't know a parent under this sun that hasn't chucked a hissy fit in the dark of night when it has all gotten too much.  

Read those kind words your partner has written you {hopefully!} and when you are five seconds away from throwing a dirty nappy at their head.. it might shed some positivity on a situation

::  Labour.  Oh labour.  You will cope.  Even if you don't, there is no failing in that.  

::  Babies have not, read the books and Google, does not know your child.  

::  There is no right or wrong.  Even if you think you have no clue whatsoever, you will be surprised in what you have in that noggin of yours.

::  Let Dad have a go.  Let him find his confidence.  No point hovering over his every move.  He is competent.  Let him make mistakes, find his baby groove.  

::  Don't be scared to ask for help.  Be your own advocate for mental and physical health.  We are awesome at putting a brave face on.  If something doesn't feel right, talk.  Talk to anybody.  Pick up that phone.  

::  Breastfeeding, is hard work.  It can hurt.  Milk takes ages to come in.  You may have a child that feeds like a piranha.  Just because you want to hide your bits from the public, don't think for a second that they will happily lie under that wrap.  

::  People can listen to a crying baby.  I was so scared of upsetting people or causing a scene.  I wished I just got over it.  Leaving the house is a big enough ordeal without that anxiety hanging over your head

::  You may want to headbutt people who tell you of their easy birth/breastfeeding/sleeping life.  

::  Don't start a habit that you don't want to sustain

:: There will be moments, where you don't know whether to laugh or cry.  

::  Learn to roll with the punches.  One week it could be a growth spurt, the next it could be teething.  It doesn't necessarily get easier.. just different.

:: When it all turns to poo, put the baby in the pram and walk.  Doesn't matter where.  They usually fall asleep and you can compose your shizzle that you just lost.

::  A day after giving birth, your bits all stitched up, no sleep and trying to digest a pretty full on labour.. you might not be a your most friendliest.  Might pay to keep the visitors at bay for a few days, unless they are wielding casseroles.

:: If your child has a favourite.. anything.  Buy another one.  Trust me.  Only one Mr Snuggly is cutting it too fine for my liking.

::  Babies are not what they look like in the movies, when they are first born.  Far, far from it.  

::  You are not going to naughty parent school if you "break the rules"  There are no rules.  You do what you do, in the name of survival.  Feed to sleep, a dummy, patting, formula.. whatever.  Listen to what your heart is saying and tell the well-meaning lady at the check out.. to fark off.

:: Get some nice photos.  With your ol' point and shoot camera or pay someone.  Real or posed.  Whatever.  Make sure you remind your other half to take some pictures, with you actually in them.  

:: Cuddle.  Cuddle.  You created this being.  You did!  How clever is that?  Cuddle in that beautiful smell.  Cuddle in those moments, as fleeting as they are.  

::  You can do this.  Because you already are.

What advice would you tell a ready to pop mum?

And since Chris has told my neighbour about this blog... leave your replies in the comment section so she can read them!!

What a 42 week pregnant lady looks like.


  1. I think you nailed it all Loz! Babies are a lot more resilient than we think- I think generally, as long as you love them, you can't screw things up too badly. :) As always, love your writing.

  2. Yep to all of it.
    And trust your instincts.
    Get that second opinion if you aren't satisfied.
    Speak up - your baby can't. Well, not coherently.
    :-) x


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