Friday, April 20, 2012

High Five! Friday!

I'm a big fan of Friday.  More so when the sun is beaming through my windows and I've boycotted anything remotely related to the vacuum or the dirty laundry pile.  

Friday, you are indeed on my mind.

For a wee while on this bloggity blog, I stand tall and high five this fine day.  Five random points that have pushed me towards the finish line.  Because, what's a Friday that doesn't require a high five??

With such a busy weekend {last weekend} under our belts, we've had some nice quiet days at home.  Boy have we needed it.  What with not having a full night sleep in the last 3 months.. my twitchy eye was living up to it's name.  My patience was pretty shot and I was just needing the comfort of chilling out and not venturing far.

Being home, I feel at home.  Moving into a new home, you have the advantage and also the disadvantage of setting up from scratch.  Sometimes you feel like you are living in a big white box.  Slowly but surely, we are putting our stamp on the place.

I love it.

Cups of tea in the afternoon sun.  Pink fairy floss sunsets.  Pictures on the walls.  Looking out onto our new patio.  It all adds up.

I feel at home.

Thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Reading all your comments on yesterdays post {the lottery} gave me the extra push I needed.  I felt alone.  There is nothing worse than being alone with your own thoughts and fears.  Chris read them all too.  Thank you.  

We are still in the dark on what our fate holds.  Is no news good news? Whatever happens, we have a plan.  There is always a plan b.. and many other letters available in the alphabet.  

We're optimists.  We have to be.  Life has thrown us every curve ball under the sun over the last few years.. and I didn't build myself up this strong to fall at the first hurdle.


This girl amazes me daily.  Sometimes I'm so consumed by unpacking groceries, or folding laundry.. that I nearly miss the sight before my eyes.  I make sure I stop sometimes.  Clear my view and just be.  

Her words are growing.  She can count.  She is learning the days of the week.  She can turn my laptop on, load up youtube and find Charlie & Lola.  She can find her things for breakfast.  She can put on her own shoes.  She has a beautiful heart.  She has a wicked sense of humour.  She hugs you and pats you on the back.  She loves her milo in her owl mug.  She asks to read "Marley" every night.  She hides under her bed after nabbing my phone.. and takes pictures of this said Marley book. 

 I love her.  Like lots.  Her cuddling up to you when she tired.  When a Mum kiss can cure an ouch.  When you still get tingles when you hear that word being shouted down the hall.


Mum and dad made the fifty billion kilometre drive to Melbourne yesterday.  Bit exciting.  We had a lazy morning, quick trip to the park and a delicious lunch out. Nom.  They've now toddled off into the great unknown with their trusty Melways to spend the night with my sister.  

Emily was so excited to see them, even more so when Granda handed over Charlie & Lola DVD's.  My sanity thanks you dad.  

Mum bought me a yoghurt maker and I'm just a bit excited! It's already on the bench doing it's stuff. 

It's been a crazy ol' week.  The highs, the lows and the sandwich of life crammed in between. All the while, I've stuck to my guns.

 I've still been going to the gym.  Resisting the over whelming urge to eat my emotions.  I've nipped my nervous energy in the bud.. and sat down and had a pot of tea.  Making porridge because it makes me feel warm and content.  Singing at the top of my lungs, because I can. 

Feeling my hard work pay off.  Feeling strong.  In more ways than one.

And tonight?  I have a date with the tv and my husband.  A quiet night in. A glass of wine.  Easy dinner. Hopefully by then, the news has been dished out at his work.  It's terrible, the wait. It makes my tummy turn.  I hope they tell them today.  

I hope this epic post finds you well, if you reached the end of it.. props to you.  

Happy Friday! 

Love Loz 

 and Tessa-dog too!


  1. Awesome week Loz! Hi 5 for Friday indeed!

    Missed yesterday's post. Off to read now...

  2. I LOVE your picture gallery/wall.
    Have a beautiful night in.
    Playing the waiting game here too - aagghh!!
    High five, Loz!
    :-) xxx

  3. I am proud of you for not eating your emotions, especially on such a whirlwind week.

    Alas I am eating for both of us.



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