Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Ninja Tale.

Back in 2009, when Ninja was still a kick in my ribcage and a weakness in my bladder.. we were in the depths of: Find a builder, Build a house.  Once we found the two ideals that meshed up.. We drove through dusty roads and as he pointed to fields filled with cows.. to what would ultimately be our shopping centre.  We were excited.  New community.  Families.  Kids can play in the park.  Our eyes widened, we packed our figurative compass and set out on our adventure.

We were the first to move in.  No fences.  No neighbours.  Dammit, we still had the portaloo in our front yard.  All with a two month old in tow.  On Christmas Eve, eve.

We probably didn't set off one the best foot. 

No sleep.  Building a house. Great combo.  I think we even up sized our super deal.

We have built in the biggest growth corridor in Melbourne.  Houses are being built and filled quicker than you can say "What paint colour is that?"  The knock on effect?  Services are being pushed to beyond their already filled capacities.  It takes time for the requirements to meet demand.  

Even our local hospital appeared on the news.  20 babies born in 22 hours {article}.  I'm on a waiting list for my surgery. I'm on a waiting list for childcare, a list that has 30 families on it before my name.  Playgroups have a waiting list.  The playgrounds sometimes lay dormant, as I think as the cost of living goes up.. both parents have to return to full time work.  Even finding a good family doctor was starting to make my eye twitch.

For over 12 months, nothing happened.  Nothing.  Promises of shopping centres were argued and discussed.  The worst winter ever.  I had no licence.  My marriage hit an almighty road block. My awesome friend.. moved home. I spent time in a empty playground  Tried getting into playgroups.  We even called in an agent to value the house.  We considered very highly, our life .. somewhere else.

Slowly, our community grew.  Our garden established.  I got my licence.  I joined a local outdoor gym.  Emily gained more independence, we were out of the newborn crazy haze. My confidence grew in leaps and bounds.  I found my way.  Slowly.  It hasn't been easy.  Days can be long, without that down the road kind of help.  My mum is 800km's away.  

Friends are hard to find, especially when you don't know where to find them.


Now?  2012?

A shopping centre has finally been built around the corner from us.  A woolies.  A coffee shop. If it all gets too much, I take the Toddler tornado out for a run along the paths.  We've discovered three brand new parks. I have the option now of bundling us all into Tina-Barina.  I have two neighbours who are Mum's.  Chris has started his own home brew club.  Our backyard isn't a mud pit, replaced with pavers.

An entertainment building is planned to open in a few months. Excitement levels to have a beer and parma.. are high.  We can even walk there too. I'll glaze over the fact it will home pokies as well.

I have tapped into a local mum's group, we all plan to meet up for coffee next week.  Go for walks when it's not raining.  Share our information on the who/what/where/when of this suburb. We are all in the same boat.  New house.  New life.  New roles.

I have found a playgroup that doesn't involve me to sell a kidney to participate.  

This week, our new library opened.  It has a very fancy pants name.. but I'm just calling it the library. Two minutes down the road.  We went for story time.  It was brilliant. A few stories.  A few songs.  A bit of craft.  We signed up for a card and Emily lost her shizzle when she could choose some books.

Out town centre is set to open down the track.  It will take a while, but least construction is under way.    It's happening.  The paths are slowly filling up with mums and their prams.  The parks are full on some sunny evenings.  Growth is there.

These four walls have seen it all.  The tears, the laughter and the pure elation of what life sometimes throws your way.  I've paved my way here as a Mum.  Some days I think I've got it covered.  Other days I just cry into the dregs of my coffee.  I feel we are trail blazers in a sense.  Carving out the way.

The next chapter is just as exciting.  Our roots will grow deeper into the soil.  A business that has been in the pipe lines for over 10 years.. has come into fruition.  Chris has handed in his resignation and in just one week.. we will be running our own furniture business.

Christopher Scott
Bespoke Furniture & Interiors.

{That was our cupcake stand he built for our wedding}

It's a new chapter.  A new tale. 

Stay tuned.


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  1. I'm excited for you.
    What a journey, Loz.
    One you can share with pride.

    And damn those wait lists.
    We're on one here and it's testing me!!!
    :-) xxx


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